The New Beach Location

The New Beach Location

Starting March 5th Simpson Bay Resort will gain a new Aqua Mania Adventures location on the beach.

Paddle boards, a new swim platform and scuba diving courses off the beach will become part of the daily activities for guests enjoying some fun in the sun.

Instructors will take guests on Discover Scuba courses to experience diving for the first time, while exploring the reef and sea life right in front of the resort.

Paddle boards will encourage guests to gain a small work out while exploring the coastline.

Playstation remains the added feature for kids fun, along with a water trampoline and banana boat rides.

The booth will stock such essentials as suntan lotions, water cameras, and rent snorkel gear and floats. Ll bookings for all boat trips and activities can be done right at this new location.

Open Mon to Sun 8.15am to 5pm.

Look for us at the end of the Flamboyant Building.

All your favourite trips and new adventures can be booked ahead of time at

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  1. Ron Bozzi

    What list are you speaking of?

    New Bach locaton don’tknow what you are talking about

  2. I don’t think it is on the list yet

  3. Ron Bozzi

    We will be coming back down this year for weeks 29, and 30 to unit F24. With all the renovations going on will we be able to use our unit, and the marina pool, bar and barbecue area?

  4. Richard & Mary-Price Eckstein

    Looks like you are making some good progress on renovations. I have read the updates but nothing is said about plans for Flamboyant building or timelines. We will be coming in October Week 40 in unit F24 and would like to know the expected status of changes in our building and unit? Will new roof be in place because we had leaks last year. Will the inside remodel be done yet.. if not when is it planned? Thanks

  5. steve

    this sounds great but can someone respond to the enquiries from the January 12, 2012 item regarding renovations please???

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