A New Era And A New Story to tell about the Marina Building.

A New Era And A New Story to tell about the Marina Building.

The Marina building is being reborn according to our renovation project, breathing more style into the resort. Our Suites and Studios are getting brighter and more elegant and the facade of the building is receiving a makeover. Let us show you around…   The Marina Building before the renovation The first renovation update  
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  1. Carol Finn-Martin

    Soooooooo looking forward to seeing all my units. Have been in my B302 and it is gorgeous, yet a little dark.
    Now cannot wait to see my Marina Units M515 & M 517, in May, also all the woderful employees at the Resort.
    First time was back in 1983, been going ever since, through all our trials and tribulationsn, but still love my
    home away from home.

  2. Patricia & Jim Markham

    Can’t wait to see it , we are coming in January with our Son who just got out of the Navy , we need a vacation! We have the first 3 weeks in the marina building

  3. Roger Glugeth

    Can’t wait to see our unit finished….M515.!!!!!

  4. admin

    Dear Mrs. and Mr. Matejka,

    We are glad that you feel exciting as we do. As the renovation is moving forward we will publish new updates so you can see the changes of the Marina building.

    Kind regards from sunny St. Maarten

  5. Beth and Jim Matejka

    very exciting. Please update the pictures so we can see the progress. Thank you

  6. Gerry Prestridge

    This is soooooo exciting. I cant wait to see the finished project.

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