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  1. Marj

    what is the status on the Marina building?

  2. Angela Ramsey

    I willbe staying at this resort in late May…i have a couple of concerns with our visit….On TripAdvisor many people posted negative reviews about bugs and cochroaches in thier rooms. The front desk people seem to do little to fix the situation. Is a major fumigation project expected?

  3. Helen&Jerry Ratelle

    We would like to list our 2 weeks (6&7) B-17 for sale with your sales department on site. What is the best way to do this?

  4. Kathy Twohig

    Can someone post pictures of the interior of units as they are remodled so we can see what they look like. Thanks.

  5. Brian Biggane

    Great news on the renovations, but when does the bill come due? I originally came to this site because I hadn’t gotten a maintenance bill, but I doubt those fees will cover this work.

  6. patty

    we have unit b 554 and have complained about the bats several years ago and maintenance responded and placed plywood along the ceiling of the balcony not under the eves where the bats were living. plywood remains there to this day and the bats keep living under the roof and flying in and out every evening.

  7. Maybe you should consider quartz counter tops instead of granite as quartz is very durable when compared to granite and is almost indestructible.
    B buildings seem to have a bat problem that should be addressed.

  8. Sharon shelton

    So glad to see progress finally…..hope that it all goes well and fast…just might come back now!

  9. Catherine Kelly

    What is the time frame for updazting the “B” Buildings?

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