Renovation Project – Flamboyant Building

Renovation Project – Flamboyant Building

Following 4 years of successful renovations, Simpson Bay Resort & Marina today announced its first renovation update of the Flamboyant Building. Along with the other renovations this building will breathe new life into its rooms and facade. The upgrade will see a complete re-design of all rooms interiors as well as the exterior of the building. The refurbishment will reinforce Simpson Bay Resort & Marina’s position as the prime choice for people visiting St.Maarten.
Flamboyant Building Before Renovation
Flamboyant Building 1st Update

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  1. Ron Pandolfi

    From a very proud original FLAMBOYANT owner to all others who bought a piece of Paradise, I am so delighted and love the
    Update. Over the many 30 plus years of ownership, this project is the most that I had hoped for. The updates via photos and text
    Are well appreciated. Please continue to grow Simpson Bay a.k.a. Pelican to the best in St. Marten!

  2. noel greco

    we were the last owners to stay in our unit (F 22) for april before they started the renovations….we have been owners since the flamboyant was built…..thru thick and thin…we stayed ….am so glad the place is being redone…..we love this island and the people who live there…..I had to be air lifted off the island two years ago….and everyone was wonderful….they really saved my life…..I’ll be so happy to be going back next year…..noel greco

  3. Ruth Delia

    That’s my building F8 2 weeks 23/24 Cant wait till I see it completed.

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