The Deluxe Studio 2 at the Beaumontia Building

The Deluxe Studio 2 at the Beaumontia Building

It's time to live life at the fullest. The ideal time doesn't exist, you have to do it now, come to St.Maarten and experience a whole new world. In Simpson Bay Resort & Marina a recently renewed Deluxe Studio 2 is waiting for you.  Stay in this Studio that is fully equipped with the amenities you have back home and your only worry will be "What are we going to do today?"

Come and stay in our new Deluxed Studios 2, come and visit St. Maarten, a place where everything happens and stay forever in the skin... in the heart.

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  1. admin

    Dear Ms. Musto,

    Thank you so much for contacting us. Please note that it was originally planned for both the Marina and Flamboyant building to be renovated this year 2015, however after reviewing, due to logistics and the scope of work that entails the full renovation of the Marina Building and its Marina, the renovation of the Flamboyant building has been postponed for next year 2016.

    We will begin with renovations of the Marina building at the beginning of May of the current year and we should have it open by week 46.

  2. Denise musto

    Coming in two weeks. Own two units in the mariner building, actually three. I own one week 14 and two. Units week 15 when family comes. When is the renovation starting on the mariner building and will we be out if the building next year while. It us being done..

    Thank you
    The mustos

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