The New Flamboyant Building

The New Flamboyant Building

Final Update of the Renovation Project

Simpson Bay Resort & Marina recently completed an all-encompassing renovation project that transformed a landmark vacation complex  into a premier modern resort in St.Maarten. The renovation project rethought, upgraded, and perfected every aspect of the guest experience at this paradisiacal destination – upscale accommodations, a distinctive and new dining option and extraordinary public spaces all received intuitive updates.

Still this iconic resort standout in the heart of Simpson Bay, Simpson Bay Resort & Marina is now home to modern design elements, luxury amenities, and stunning new aesthetic accents that match the shimmering bay surrounding the resort.

Now we are proud to present to you the final group of new amenity-graced accommodations. The newly renovated Flamboyant Building is something to behold, enjoy and embrace.

Be one the firsts to experience this newly reborn St. Maarten resort.
New Flamboyant Building
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  1. admin

    Hello Mary. Thank you for your comment, we are looking forward to welcome you back. Since March 2018 the resort reopened its doors for tourism, since that date we have been updated different areas of the resort and we will continue our hard work in order to give you the service you deserve, however all major repairs have been done last year so you won’t find any construction work during your stay. Even though Simpson Bay Resort & Marina was one of the first resorts to reopen some places around the island are still close, nonetheless, some place are completely new so you can find a new vibe in a stronger St. Maarten.

  2. Mary Price A Scredon

    I am headed back to F24 in October…. what is the state of repairs at the resort and on the island since the hurricane?

  3. Nick

    We’ve been here for the past 2 wks, the pics dont do it justice. The renovations to the flamboyant are top notch. There are many other new things that have, (im my opinion) greatly improved the facility. Example… the extension to the boardwalk and the new restaurant. La Patron. Wow … it gets better every time we come here. Cant wait to come back in may To see the onsite casino and whatever else surprises they have in store.

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