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  1. Bourbonnais Gilles

    I would like to know how the renovation are going (are we on schedule, any supprise ?) and what buidings are completed.
    Thank you.

  2. Not sure but will get and update shortly

  3. Julie Rowse

    When at the resort in Jan. I was told that we would be able to see artist renderings of the proposed renovations to the units on line. When can we expect to see them? JiyaR

  4. Julie Rowse

    When in SXM I was told that renderings of the proposed renovations would be posted on line. When can we expect to see them?

  5. Robert Thirkelson

    Are renovations or redecorations planned for the Croton Building? I will be there during Week 14. Also, do we still have furniture in the units; specifically C7A and C7B? How about getting at least some DVD Players in these units?

  6. Yes, with the repair of the roof on the Marina building we will address the deck challenges as well.

  7. Denise Musto

    Wondering if the penthouse we have on week 15( 515M) if the deck is considered roof that is always leaking down the walls and into Jaquizzi room. The penthouse is in need of a lot of rep[airs. We own two 515M and 418M. I Love it there and I am very happy renovations are underway. I never want the resort to change from as beautiful as it is.

    Thank You
    Denise and Michael Musto

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