The Final update of the Marina Building

The Final update of the Marina Building

 The new Marina Building is already finished and the quality of the work in every unit is superior as we expected to be. Today is a day to celebrate that we have accomplished what most said was impossible. Ladies and gentlemen, Simpson Bay Resort & Marina is proud to present the totally refurbished Marina Building.

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  1. admin

    Dear Lyne,

    Thank you for contacting us. In reference to the location of the Room, for your greater convenience the assignment of the unit is at the moment of the check in. With this procedure you will be able to get the next available room saving you time during your check in, so you can enjoy St. Maarten as soon as possible.

    Should you require further information please feel free to contact us back.

    Kind regards from the Caribbean,

  2. Lyne pouliot

    M’y question is if we want a 2 bedroom in the building Marina, is it going to be on the fifth floor. My understand is that you have 4 unit of two bedroom with the Numbers 512 , 515, 517, 520. (See on the plan) we already réserve but we would like to have an idea. Thank you very much

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