Marina Pool Terrace – First Day

November 21st, 2011: Work on the Marina pool begins with the following steps: 1. Secure the work area at the Marina pool for the security and safety of our member and guests 2. Removal of all tiles in the surrounding area 3. Jackhammer the cement which is roughly 3 inches in depth 4. Removal of broken membrane 5. Clean the area of debris 6. Installation of new membrane 7. Pouring of new concrete 8. Coating of epoxy sealer The leaks that were occurring in the restaurant below the Marina pool due to the broken membrane have now been fixed.
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  1. Norbert Hellmann

    Congrats Mark an such a GOOD job you are doing. Thanks!! I have not been there in 2 years and I sure didn.t know the place was in such BAD shape. I own in the boganvaglia and I know the porch roof was leaking pretty bad when I was last there. Hope to get it fixed soon. I will be there the 2nd week of May. Thanks again Mark

    While there may not be any major improvements noticed for week 4, we are pleased to inform you that the renovation work is slated to take place for this building by late May or early June this year. So next year, we will experience the new improved changes.

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