April 2015 Simpson Bay Resort & Marina Renovations Update

April 2015 Simpson Bay Resort & Marina Renovations Update

Dear Simpson Bay Member and Guest,Nearly four years ago, we promised to work as hard as possible to establish Simpson Bay Resort as the premier resort destination in the Caribbean.  After nearly $22 million in renovations most of the original part of the resort has been elevated to 5-star status, with the renovated units achieving Interval International’s highest Premier rating.  We have also implemented innovative new ownership programs that help our members get maximum flexibility from their memberships.  We are not finished!  We have more improvements planned, and we hope you will find them as exciting as we do.

Regarding the renovation project, we have completed the renovation of all original resort buildings with the exception of the Marina and Flamboyant buildings.  We will proceed with renovating the Marina building this off-season, with this phase of the project on-schedule for completion by year’s end.   As in the past, we plan to gut the units and replace everything, including but not limited to the kitchens, the furniture, the bathrooms, and the air-conditioning.  We will also replace the building roof and renovate all the exterior areas.

We are just as excited about upcoming changes to the public areas of the resort.  We will be renovating the marina waterfront to make it an enticing destination for members and guests.  Extensive renovations will include the removal of the model villa that currently sits in the middle of the waterfront area, and will add landscaped seating areas with charming amenities.  We also plan to improve accessibility, improving the stairways and clearing out older decorative structures to improve sightlines.  The marina waterfront will be more beautiful, more accessible, and will provide more food and entertainment choices for our members and guests.  We will transform the marina waterfront into “the place to be” in St. Maarten.  It is important to note that the members will not receive renovation assessments for these improvements – the developers are assuming 100% of the cost for the marina waterfront renovation.

We have also planned a number of beach improvements.  The most dramatic change will be the creation of a new beach in front of the Villas building.  We will also build a boardwalk to connect the beaches and provide easy access to a new beach bar.  Again, the developers will bear all of the costs for these improvements.

Finally, we have been making many improvements you won’t necessarily see, but that will greatly improve your vacation experience.  All telephone lines are being replaced around the resort, individual Wi-Fi receivers have been placed in each villa, and we are upgrading our telecommunications infrastructure to improve performance and usability.  We have also upgraded the water delivery system with added redundancy to prevent outages, and have automated the water and fuel systems.  We are currently improving the air conditioning system that services the Villas building.

Due to the logistics involved in the extensive renovations to both the Marina building and the marina waterfront, it would have been impractical to renovate the Flamboyant building simultaneously.  Had we renovated all areas at the same time, construction staging would have eliminated almost all available parking and restricted access to the beach and the Marina pool.  Therefore, we have rescheduled renovation of the Flamboyant building to 2016.

In addition to the renovation work, we will continue to modernize our membership program via the Royal Resorts Caribbean Collection (“RRCC”), which provides unparalleled flexibility for existing and new members.  The RRCC points system allows members to take the week or weeks they own, convert them to points at the members’ option, and then begin their vacation on different days of the week, stay in different accommodations, or take their vacation at a different time of year. Each year, our RRCC members can elect to use their fixed week as in the past, or to convert their fixed week annually to points and enjoy more flexibility without losing the security of their fixed-week membership. RRCC can be used at any RRCC property (currently Simpson Bay Resort and The Royal Sea Aquarium resort in Curacao) or exchanged for use at thousands of Interval International properties around the world.

The resort renovations have been met with industry acclaim, and the RRCC points system has become very popular with members.  We have strived to create a resort you can feel proud to visit and to share with your friends and family, and we look forward to seeing you soon at your St. Maarten home.


Mark Miller
Simpson Bay Resort Owner Company, B.V.
and the Staff of Simpson Bay Resort & Marina

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