Member testimonial

Member testimonial

August 8, 2012

I have been an owner here at the resort for almost 20 years.  I have witnessed the many changes including the continual increases in maintenance fees.  In spite of this, I decided to do whatever was necessary to remain a part of the home away from home my husband and I found here in St. Maarten.

They assured me that the “D” building was undergoing a “complete renovation”.  Last Saturday when I moved to D16 I was extremely skeptical about what I would find.

When I entered the unit, I was stunned!  It is beautiful!  I looked around in amazement!  Every single thing I had been told by the employees at the front desk is true. I had two friends join me here during week 30 and they continually spoke of how nice the unit is.

I do want to encourage those who can afford it, to keep their units. In just a few years, the entire resort is supposed to look like the units in the “D” building.  If so, we are moving towards a “5-star” designation.

A pleased owner,

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